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Text—Model Remainder Deed and Trust Instrument

The Model Remainder Deed and Trust Instrument is intended to focus the owner’s reasoning on the important issues, provide a place to begin and a pattern to follow in drafting the final document, and reduce dependence on counsel for original drafting. It may be used and adapted by anyone, and modified at will to suit individual circumstances. But it is only a model. It is not a substitute for individualized legal advice. No one should use a document of this kind without consulting with expert legal counsel licensed in the jurisdiction where the trust is to be established (usually but not always the state where the collection is held). A Foundation Legal Assistance Grant may be available to pay for this consultation.

NOTE: The footnotes are guides to drafting and do not form part of the Model Instrument.

To download the text only, without the website apparatus, please click Model Remainder Deed and Trust Instrument.

JOHN DOE COLLECTION REMAINDER TRUST REMAINDER DEED AND TRUST INSTRUMENT My collection of books, pamphlets, journals, files, correspondence, papers, charts and other documents on flags and related subjects (“Collection”) is of significant scholarly value.1 The Collection is defined …
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