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Resolution Re Establishing Collection Preservation Program

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Resolution—Collection Preservation Program.

Preamble The Board of Trustees (“Board”) of the Flag Heritage Foundation (“Foundation”) takes notice that a number of collections of flag books and flag- and symbol-related documentation of significant scholarly value are dispersed when their owners die or are incapacitated without having made adequate provision for their collections to be preserved in permanent institutions. The heirs to these collections sometimes do not fully appreciate their scholarly value, or the benefit to the world of preserving their integrity and availability to scholars.  They may therefore take the short-term profit gained by selling off the most valuable books, and discard the rest, whose value they do not understand.  Even if they wish to preserve the collection for scholarly use, often they do not have the expertise or resources to do so. To help correct this problem, and in accord with the mandate of the Foundation, found in Article Third of its Trust Declaration, to “preserve … flags and artifacts related to them,” to “support the conducting … of research in … private libraries,” to “make grants for any of the foregoing purposes,” and to “take …
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