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The Foundation’s Manuscripts

Over the years the Foundation has acquired a number of beautiful and important manuscripts.  Among them are:

Verzameling der Vlaggen by alle Natien in Gebruik [Collection of the Flags in Use by All Nations], an undated work from the mid-19th century, gathering watercolor images of all the flags Dutch diplomats and officers around the world could find and identify, with commentary in lovely copperplate script.  A page from this manuscript appears above, showing the Sardinian royal standard and below it a Sardinian admiral’s rank flag and the banner of the Order of SS. Maurice and Lazarus. Recueil de Plusieurs Armoiries de l’Europe Blasonées par Moy. Joseph François de Cartier [Collection of Many Coats of Arms of Europe, Blazoned by Joseph François de Cartier] (Avignon, 1697), with about 430 hand-colored plates of coats of arms.  The title page apears above. An untitled 17th century Dutch manuscript, called Flag Ms 1669/70 by the noted vexillologist Klaes Sierksma in his facsimile edition Flags of the World 1669-1670 (Amsterdam, 1966).  It is one of the very earliest comprehensive flag books in the world.  Shown above is a unique flag of Zeeland (from plate 167 in Sierksma’s facsimile). A manuscript memorandum book …
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