Flags and Emblems of Colombia

by Pedro Julio Dousdebés

Pedro Julio Dousdebés (1883-1954) was a general in the Colombian army. In 1937 he published a document-based history of the flags and emblems of Colombia from colonial days forward. His work was published in Spanish in the bulletin of the Colombian Academy of History. Working from an original in the Whitney Smith Flag Research Center Collection at the University of Texas, the Flag Heritage Foundation commissioned a translation by Michael F. Hammer. It is published here with all its original color plates, plus a preface and a historical introduction by David F. Phillips, a commentary by Gustavo Tracchia, four maps, 183 footnotes, and 20 additional illustrations in color and 24 in black and white. It is the first book on this subject in English.

Sample pages may be viewed here. The entire publication may be read, printed out, and downloaded free here. The book may be ordered from the Foundation, at the highly subsidized price of $20 plus shipping, by e-mailing the Series Editor. Payment instructions will be contained in his reply. It is also available from Amazon at https://tinyurl.com/flagsand. The price is the same, but Amazon Prime members may avoid shipping costs.

Cristobal Rojas’ 1883 painting The Death of Girardot at Bárbula, seen below, is reproduced on the back cover.