Cataloguing Support Program

Many collections of flag books (and flag- and symbol-related documentation) of significant scholarly value are either uncatalogued, only partially catalogued, or have a catalogue which needs improvement to meet modern professional standards.

This reduces their usefulness for research and increases the possibility that the collections will eventually be irresponsibly dispersed rather than transferred to permanent institutions where their integrity and availability to scholars can be maintained.

To help correct this problem, the Foundation has established a  program to help qualifying collections catalogue their books and documents.  The Program makes grants to subsidize:

  • professional assessment of a collection’s cataloguing needs;
  • actual cataloguing of the collection to professional standards by professional and/or paraprofessional personnel;
  • correction of existing catalogues, if necessary; and
  • maintenance, publication and dissemination of catalogues generated by the Program.

Grants in aid of Program objectives ordinarily take the form of underwriting services and paying contractors.  Cash grants directly to collections or their owners are disfavored.  Participating collections must agree to make their catalogues public.

A full description of the Cataloguing Support Program appears here.

To apply for a Cataloguing Support Grant, please send an e-mail describing your collection and your needs, and we will be in touch.

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