Resolution re Cataloguing Support Program

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Resolution—Cataloguing Support Program.

  1. The Board of Trustees (“Board”) of the Flag Heritage Foundation (“Foundation”) takes notice that a number of collections of flag books and flag- and symbol-related documentation of significant scholarly value are either uncatalogued, only partially catalogued, or with a catalogue needing improvement to meet modern professional standards.
  2. Absent, defective or suboptimal cataloguing reduces the usefulness of these collections as instruments of research, impedes their inclusion in a union list as part of the Flag Bibliography International (“Bibliography”), and increases the possibility that the collections will be irresponsibly dispersed after their owners’ deaths rather than transferred to permanent institutions where their integrity and availability to scholars can be maintained.
  3. To help correct this problem, and in accord with the mandate of the Foundation, found in Article Third of its Trust Declaration, to “preserve … flags and artifacts related to them,” to “organize information concerning … flags and related symbols,” to “support the conducting … of research in … private libraries,” to “make grants for any of the foregoing purposes,” and to “take any other action designed to further the purposes of the Trust,” the Board hereby creates the FLAG HERITAGE FOUNDATION CATALOGUING SUPPORT PROGRAM (“Program”).
  4. The Program will help qualifying collections catalogue their collections of books and documentation concerning flags and related symbols.  To do this it will subsidize the professional assessment of their cataloguing needs, the actual cataloguing of the collections to professional standards by professional and/or paraprofessional personnel, the correction if necessary of existing catalogues, and the maintenance, publication and dissemination of catalogues generated by the Program.
  5. To qualify for Program assistance, a collection (or its proprietor) must apply to the Foundation, but the Foundation may invite a collection to apply.  The Board or its designee(s) will inspect the collection and determine (in the unreviewable discretion of the Board) whether it is of sufficient scholarly value to justify Program assistance.  The proprietor of the collection must agree to publication of the catalogue and its inclusion in the Bibliography.
  6. The amount of any grant or subsidy will be determined by the Board after a budget is first prepared by the Board’s designee.  Additional grants or subsidies will require supplemental approval by the Board.  The extent of cataloguing detail needed to accomplish Program objectives will be determined by the Board or its designee.
  7. In conducting Program activities and publishing Program-generated catalogues and documents, compilation on computer and publication on the Internet and/or on electronic-based media such as disks are preferred.  Variations from this policy must be individually approved by the Board.
  8. Grants in aid of Program objectives will be administered by the Board or its designees, and will ordinarily take the form of underwriting of services, payment of contractors, and the like.  Cash grants directly to collections or their proprietors are disfavored as methods of achieving Program objectives, and any such grant must be specifically authorized by the Board.
  9. No grant by the Board creates any entitlement on the part of a qualifying collection or its proprietor, and grants may be withdrawn or rescinded by the Board in its unreviewable discretion, provided that undertakings made by the Board or its agents to third parties will be honored.
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