Emblems of the Indian States

by David F. Phillips

Indian-States-coverThe British Indian Empire dissolved in 1947 included hundreds of indigenous states, but their state emblems (often the main element in Indian state and royal flags) have still not been collected and published.  In this book David F. Phillips presents an analysis and classification of the emblems of the Indian states, based on original research into official patterns found on Indian state revenue stamps.  It is the first such systematic study ever published.

This publication may be read, printed out, and downloaded free here. Copies of this publication remain available for purchase. The books are 72 pages long, measure 8½ x 11 inches, and weigh eight ounces each in soft covers. They have 175 black-and-white illustrations, and seven illustrations in color on the covers.  The price is $14.95, plus postage.  To order a copy, please e‑mail the Foundation.  Payment instructions will be contained in his reply.

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