Who We Are

The Flag Heritage Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to the knowledge, preservation and study of flags.

Founded in Massachusetts in 1971, the Foundation’s organizing document (its “Trust Declaration”), states that the Foundation is to use its resources

  • To preserve and display flags and artifacts related to them;
  • To collect, organize, and disseminate information concerning all aspects of flags and related symbols;
  • To promote wide public knowledge of the rich history of flags; and
  • To cooperate actively with individuals and institutions having similar concerns.

To further these purposes, the Trust Declaration empowers the Foundation

  • To prepare, publish, and distribute books, periodicals, films, charts, and similar materials;
  • To conduct and direct research;
  • To communicate through conferences, seminars and similar activities;
  • To provide information on flags;
  • To create and maintain a library, museum, laboratory, or exhibition; and
  • To make grants for any of these purposes.

Please click here to read about the Foundation’s current programs. Please click here for a brief history of the Foundation.

126b311c-dd51-446b-9583-599edc6901a7The Flag Heritage Foundation is a constituent member of FIAV (Féderation internationale des associations véxillologiques), the International Association of Vexillological Associations.

The Foundation is not a membership organization.  It is administered by a Board of Trustees.  The current trustees are: Kirby A. Baker (chair), Scot M. Guenter, and Anne M. Platoff.

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