Publications: Overview

The Flag Heritage Foundation Monograph and Translation Series was established in 2009 to publish worthy monographs on flags and related subjects and to translate and publish in English monographs previously appearing only in languages inaccessible to most scholars.

The following eight monographs have been published.

  • The Estonian Flag: A Hundred Years of the Blue-Black-White, by Karl Aun (2010).  English translation of the 1984 Estonian original published in Toronto.
  • Emblems of the Indian States, by David F. Phillips (2011). A new taxonomy of the arms of the states of pre-independence India 1860-1947. With more than 32 pages of illustrations.
  • History of the Haitian Flag of Independence, by Odette Roy Fombrun (2013). English translation of the second French edition, published in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 1986.
  • The Double Eagle, by David F. Phillips (2014). Original monograph on the two-headed eagle as it has appeared in heraldry and culture over the past 800 years. With 245 illustrations and a new map.
  • Flags and Uniforms of the Oxford College Rowing Societies (2015). Reprint of an illustrated pamphlet published in London in the 1830s.
  • Flags and Emblems of Colombia, by Pedro Julio Dousdebés (2016). First English translation of a monograph published in Colombia in 1937, tracing the evolution of the flags and arms of Colombia from colonial times to 1937. 72 pages, with color covers, a new preface and historical introduction, four maps, 183 new footnotes, the 11 original color plates and 19 more color illustrations, and 25 added monochrome figures.
  • Vexillology as a Social Science, by Željko Heimer. A close examination from a sociological perspective of the question whether vexillology is a social science rather than merely an adjunct to other studies.  An excerpt from the author’s PhD thesis at the University of Zagreb, presented for the first time in English.  72 pages, including scholarly bibliography.
  • Japanese Heraldry and Heraldic Flags (2018). The lead article by David F. Phillips contains a new, blazon-based approach to grammar and vocabulary of Japanese mōn; also provided are a preface, a literature review, English blazons of daimyō flags, and a new glossary of English blazon for Japanese heraldry. The book also contains well-illustrated articles by Emmanuel Valerio and Nozomi Kariyasu on Japanese heraldic flags of the samurai period and the present day. 160 pages + 16 color plates and color covers; 38 color images and over 1000 black and white text figures.
  • The Sun and the Lion as Symbols of the Republic of Macedonia: A Heraldic and Vexillological Analysis (2019). The sun and the lion have been competing symbols of Macedonia for centuries.  In this volume, versatile expert Jovan Jonovski elucidates the history of these symbols, explains the process of choosing the symbols for the flag and coat of arms, and analyzes the popular application of these symbols.  72 pages + numerous grayscale illustrations.

A large part of every edition is distributed at a subsidized price to scholars, and free to libraries and scholarly institutions.

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