The Estonian Flag


by Karl Aun

THE ESTONIAN FLAG: A HUNDRED YEARS OF THE BLUE-BLACK-WHITE by Karl AunThis monograph on the history of the Estonian flag, by an Estonian scholar, was first published in Toronto in 1984.  It traces the blue-black-white tricolor from its origins in 1884 until the eclipse of independence in 1940. An English translation of the text was commissioned by the Flag Heritage Foundation and published in 2010.  The new edition also contains a never-before-published account of the author’s theft of the original (1884) Estonian tricolor from the National Museum in 1940, to keep it from the invading Russians, and his subsequent return of the flag to the nation in 1991, after the restoration of Estonian independence. This publication may be read, printed out, and downloaded free here.  A few printed copies remain available at $5 each, plus postage.  To order a copy, please e‑mail the Foundation.  Payment instructions will be contained in his reply.

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