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Our History

The Flag Heritage Foundation was founded in July 30, 1971, when its Trust Declaration was signed by its incorporators.  It was originally funded by a generous donation from vexillologist Harry Manogg. Its original aim was to create a permanent vexillological library and museum, to preserve existing collections and provide a focus for study in the field.  So far it has not been possible to create a permanent institution, but efforts continue.

In earlier years the Foundation devoted a lot of resources to outreach, for example mounting exhibitions (notably the one in the Hall of Flags at the State House in Boston), answering flag-related questions from the public, identifying and authenticating historic flags, and providing expertise to companies wishing to use flag designs on commercial products.  For a fuller treatment of this period in the Foundation’s history, please look here. Today the Foundation concentrates most of its efforts on helping preserve existing collections through its Collection Preservation and Cataloguing Support programs, and on its Translation and Publication Program (which continues the Foundation’s earlier translation work).

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