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Austrian Flag donation

June 12, 2013

The Flag Heritage Foundation and the Military History Museum in Vienna, Austria are pleased to announce that the donation by the Foundation to the Museum of an original Austrian cavalry standard 1769 patterned from the time of Maria Theresa (1740-1780) has been completed successfully.

The Flag Heritage Foundation, founded in 1971 and now located in Danvers, Massachusetts, USA, is a non-profit organization dedicated to flags and flag study. Its main purpose is to preserve flags and flag-related objects, to collect, organize and disseminate information about flags and related symbols, to promote public knowledge about the history of flags, and to cooperate with individuals and institutions sharing these interests. The Flag Heritage Foundation is a constituent member of FIAV, the International Association of Vexillological Associations.
Further information can be found on the Foundation’s website www.flagheritagefoundation.org.

The Military History Museum (Heeresgeschichtlichen Museums) in Vienna belongs to the Ministry of Defense. It is one of the most important military history museums in the world, situated right in the center of the Arsenal. The Museum was built from 1850 to 1856 and was thus the city’s first museum. In five major sections …
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